08_26_16_St. Augustine_St.O Day

Saint(s) O’the Day – Sts. Augustine & Monica (Aug 26th)

Yes, these saints are celebrated by the church on the 28th and 27th respectively.

Introducing: Saint O’the Day -St. Bartholomew (Aug. 24th) is where you can find background on the calendar I’m using and how dates might be slightly shifted.

Sts. Augustine and Monica PDF

08_24_16_St. Bartholomew_St.O Day

Introducing: Saint O’the Day -St. Bartholomew (Aug. 24th)

I’m excited to begin SY 2016-2017 tomorrow. And tonight, I’m excited to start a new feature.

Sharing about and praying with the Saint of the Day is the meaningful way I begin my Religion classes. While I’ve done this informally in years past, I’m planning on being more formal and consistent with this.

So, I’m creating a brief presentation each day for my students based on the Saint of the Day. And, I’m planning on sharing these here with you, dear reader.

A few things to note:

+ I’m using the list found at American Catholic’s Saint of the Day site. This list mostly correlates to the feast day list found in the lectionary. But, I’ve noticed that they sometimes shift the dates slightly (especially if two key saints share a feast day). So, while other calendars may show a certain saint on a date, I’m following this list.

+ I will shift dates slightly if a particularly important saint’s day falls on a weekend or non school day. I’m doing that this week by praying with Sts. Monica and Augustine on Friday as their actual dates are Sat and Sun the 27th and 28th this year. I will generally try to shift a Saturday to the Friday before it or a Sunday to the Monday after it.

+ I will post a link to a PDF at least the night before the feast day. If you’d like me to also post a link to the source Google Slides (so you can edit and customize), let me know.

+ Like everything in life, I’m taking this project one day at a time. It’s a big endeavour, but one that I think it worth it. Please pray for me and pray for all of us as we begin this new school year!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 – St. Bartholomew the Apostle.

PDF Presentation


01_Twenty first Sunday Ordinary Time_Aug 21_2016

Lectionary Gospel – Twenty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time – August 21, 2016

Please download and use this gospel with your classes or for your own reflection.


Google Slides

Disclaimer – Since I don’t seek to profit from these files, I don’t cite the source for each of the images found through a Google Search

08-21-16 back-in-the-saddle

Back to School and Back to Blogging

In the words of The Cars, “Hello, hello again.”

I hope you had a good Summer of 2016. I did. Even though I wrote in my last post that I planned to post here during the summer, it turns out that this didn’t happen.

Turns out that during the summer I wasn’t in a writing mode, but more of a reading mood. You see I really enjoy reading novels, but unfortunately doing this is often one of my lowest priorities during the school year. So I caught up with a vengeance by reading, Lovecraft Country, Underground Airlines, Before the Fall, The Selloutand a couple of David Baldacci books as well (because I heard him speak at the Columbus Library  in June.)

Full classes begin for us on Wednesday, so I’m in full back to school mode and thinking about how and what I’m going to teach this school year. I don’t have a list of new back to school ideas. Instead, please see what I posted this time last year by clicking here, here, here, here and also here. Also, I encourage you to check out what Jared has to share over at his The Religion Teacher site.

So, I’ll wrap this reintroduction up by inviting you to check out the Sunday lectionary gospel which I’ll post before each school week. And I have a new week-daily feature which I’ll be introducing very soon.

May Christ bless you during this school year of 2016-2017!


Post #302 – Where We’ve Been

In case you’ve not noticed, it has been a while since I last posted. Forget March Madness as it was May Madness this year! There was much to do to wrap up the school year and to prepare for Summer Gym 2016 — starting Tuesday!

As I resolve to post more frequently this summer and beyond, I’d like to take a moment to share links to ten of my favorite posts from the last year and a half (and 301 entries).

The primary focus of this blog is to share tips and tech which support learning. Here’s a few of my favorite posts specifically about educational technology:

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So those are the serious ones. But we all know that teachers need levity too. So here’s my five favorite fun ones:

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Friday FunLink: Beautiful, Fantasy GIF’s

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Enjoy! I’ll be back again soon with some new posts…


38_Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time_Holy Trinity_May 22_2016

Lectionary Gospel – Most Holy Trinity – May 22,2016

This is the last post of the lectionary gospel until August as it’s the last full week of school before Summer Break.

Please continue to visit this site throughout the summer for other interesting, funny and thought-provoking posts.


Google Slides

Disclaimer – Since I don’t seek to profit from these files, I don’t cite the source for each of the images found through a Google Search