A Must Have iOS App – “Apps Gone Free”

It’s not too long until 1pm EST.  Since that’s the time I eagerly await each day to receive my “Apps Gone Free” notice for every day of the week, I thought this would be a good time to mention this truly useful and fun app.

Apps Gone Free

I stumbled across this app a couple of months ago and my life hasn’t been the same since.  It is a very user-friendly way to have access to the highest quality free apps.  There is a diversity of types here – early childhood through elementary games; a wide range of games for older students and adults; top notch productivity tools; photo editors and much more.

It’s a great way to try out tools and games without the commitment of buying them.  But beware – you may quickly find your memory close to full (especially if you also have the lightweight iPad2 with just 16 GB).


Two Ways to Engage/Assess Students with Google Forms

I have only begun to scratch the surface of what the ever-expanding Google Forms and the more encompassing Google Classroom offer to educators.  Here’s links to two posts which give solid step-by-step directions about how to create peer feedback Forms and also quizzes/tests with questions drawn from a question bank.

Delivering Peer Feedback with Google Forms

Creating a Quiz on Google Forms from a Test Bank

I’ve not yet tried Forms to create a quiz as my school uses the LMS BrainHoney which offers a robust assessment tool.

I did use Forms quite successfully for a project in one of my classes earlier this fall.  The assignment was a mock job interview in which the interviewee was to receive peer feedback. For this I set up a Form to be the means of this feedback.  I decided this in part because my class was a less expressive group of students and I felt the feedback would be more honest and useful if it was anonymous.  After the peers submitted the Form, it was quick and easy for me to go into Sheets and copy and paste the info into a spreadsheet for each student.

To see my Form for this assignment, click here.

Videos for Each Element of the Periodic Table

Although some may think there’s a dichotomy between Religion and Science, I think this belief is short-sighted and ignorant.

Even if I can’t use the material in my Religion Class, I’m interested in engaging ed tech resources my Science colleagues might be able to use.

This well organized set of videos for each element of the Periodic Table looks pretty cool and useful.

Aviary Photo_130633859017507253

The blog with more info about it is here.

And here’s a “periodic table” I can use for my Religion Classes:

Aviary Photo_130633863233571609