30 Brilliant Test Answers

When you get an answer on a test that’s both wrong (related to what you wanted the student to remember) and yet also right on, what do you do?  For these, I laughed and laughed.

I think I like this one the most for its sheer innocence and simplicity:

Aviary Photo_130641830262851032

And really, how can you mark this one wrong:

Aviary Photo_130641830633607769

Give this prophet child an “A” and a hug!


50 Amazing Finds on Google Earth

So, have you ever had a few moments, opened up Google Earth and just wondered about the view from space.  You wondered: “What does the Grand Canyon look like?” “How about the Great Wall of China?” “Disneyland and Disney World?” “My neighborhood?”

Apparently the person who put together this list of amazing and unexpected sites from Google Earth, asked these types of questions and many more.

I found many of the images fascinating, but I think I like this one the best:

Aviary Photo_130641823731321310


23 Children’s Books You Need to Read Again as an Adult

If you’re a teacher on Break like me, then you’re likely taking the opportunity to do things that you enjoy, but don’t have enough time to do during the school year.  For me, these include reading novels and other books (rather than student essays), sleeping in, walking every day and exploring web links and technology that interest me.

In the spirit of digital enjoyment that connects somehow to my profession as an educator, I present a number of links in a new category: “Play Time”

I like this list of titles which take me back to my younger days.  And I like the idea of seeing them again through my adult eyes. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Aviary Photo_130641814897659551

Aviary Photo_130641815395797653

And my wife’s all time, 100% favorite book:

Aviary Photo_130641815837194393

So which of the books on this list are favorites of yours?  Why?