A Catholic Look Back at 2014

As mentioned in our “About” statement, the three of us teach at a Catholic High School.

As such, we thought it would be meaningful to share a few of our favorite “2014 Review” lists from favorite Catholic websites.

Crux, a relatively new blog related to the Boston Globe and headed by the highly-esteemed John L. Allen Jr. (formerly of the Nat’l Catholic Reporter) has their year-end review here.

Aviary Photo_130645217516969288

A look back, albeit with a different theme comes from the always engaging and relevant Busted Halo.

Aviary Photo_130645218091333370

Busted Halo also says good-bye to the show of well known Catholic – Stephen Colbert – selected as the National Catholic Reporter’s “Runner-Up” Person of the Year.  (To see who was the NCR Person of the Year, click here and prepare to not be surprised).

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One last set of data from 2014 – Crux’s summary of 10 telling numbers from faith and religion surveys. 




2014 Review in Editorial Cartoons/Animations

As you’re enjoying the last day of the the year (and putting together the items to use in your New Year’s celebration), consider spending a few thoughtful and funny moments with these editorial cartoons and animations from the Washington Post.

Here’s my favorite moment from 2014 as captured by this artist:

Aviary Photo_130645161006552680

What’s your most memorable news-worthy event from 2014?

New Year’s Traditions Around the World

As we’re 13 hours away from 2015 (here in EST anyway), it’s time to plan how we’ll celebrate the stroke of midnight.

Here’s some interesting ideas from around the world. 

So, buy those grapes (at least 12), stack up that furniture, acquire the tin, empty the suitcases, and find that red or yellow underwear!