Ten Ways the World Changed in 2014

So, I have a few more (hopefully) thought-provoking “looking back at 2014” items to post.  I’d hoped to have them posted yesterday, but it’s astounding, time is fleeting.

The title of the blog post I’m referencing is a bit too broad as it focuses on mainly on changes in technology.  I think the list he shares is interesting, especially as we consider how these shifts relate specifically to education:

  1. We went from people searching for things to things finding people.
  2. The smartphone became a remote for the real world.
  3. New platforms were born (he has a good info graphic for this)
  4. Virtual reality became more than just a gaming platform
  5. We learned that the next smart devices won’t be phones.
  6. Personalization became universal.
  7. Content became king again.
  8. Urbanization returned to the U.S.
  9. Mindfulness and nutrition were more prevalent than ever.
  10. Gender inequality in tech finally got more attention.

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