Windows 10 News – Free Upgrade for Win 7 or 8 Users!

I’m not a huge fan of Windows any more as I prefer the iOS and Android interfaces over it.  I did buy a new HP laptop last summer which runs Windows 8.1.  While Win 8 has been panned by many, I don’t hate it – I just don’t like it that much!

So I was pleased when I found this blog post by Microsoft about the forthcoming Windows 10.  And I was even more pleased (and surprised) to learn that they are offering a free upgrade to current Windows 7 and 8 users.  I remember they did something like this with the Vista debacle (back then I had bought another new laptop with that really clunky OS), but I really don’t think Win 8 is as bad as Vista was.

Nevertheless, I signed up for info about the Win 10 update.  It gained me access to this interesting video. 


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