14 Things Teachers Should Never Do on the First Day of School

Some times the “don’t” lists for back-to-school are more valuable than the positive “do” lists.  Here’s the first of a pair – this one is from the blogger at “Brilliant or Insane.”  Before you disagree with some (or all) of these, do take a look at the link to read the rationale behind each one.

  1. Read from the student handbook
  2. Discuss classroom rules
  3. Distribute a syllabus
  4. Assign seats
  5. Seat students in rows
  6. Hand out textbooks
  7. Talk about “The Test”
  8. Say you’ll need weeks to learn your students’ names
  9. Use sarcasm
  10. Denigrate a colleague
  11. Make students introduce themselves
  12. Talk too much
  13. Assign homework
  14. Frown

I like the sentiment which concludes the post:

The first day of school should be dedicated to rapport-building and to joy.

Your goal should be that students go home that night and tell their parents: “I’m going to love (insert your subject) because Mrs. (insert your name) is awesome!”

Accomplish this goal, and you’ve had one truly great first day of school


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