Pandemic Photo O’ Day 41

Today presented an excellent reminder that this unprecedented time is one of emotional ups and downs for me.

I’m grateful that Thursday ended (it’s 0039 on Friday) on an up.

If there wasn’t a pretty cool “up” at the end of the day which gave me the image above (more on it below) then this would have been the top line image O’ Day:

This is me, mid-afternoon, standing outside of a Walmart, waiting for my son to come back with the car and take me home.

I filtered this selfie in B&W as it captured my mood at the moment. It also signifies the chilly, grey skied, heavy drizzle I was sheltering from.

When I took this photo, with my “cloth face covering” sliding down, I was feeling a heavy sadness as I waited for my ride and watched more people enter the store not wearing the “cloth face covering” which has been “strongly suggested” by our governor.

My gloominess, which already had a streak of anger running through it, was enraged when I saw a T-Shirt so foul that I both gasped and clenched my teeth.

I want to write about the “up” ending my Thursday and not dwell on this ugliness.

A 50ish white man, with a white woman (neither wearing a “cloth face covering”,) walked by my into the store wearing a shirt with Donald Trump’s face on it in a style resembling this iconic Obama image:

On the shirt, Trump had a sneer and was holding up the middle finger, aka “flipping the bird” on both of his hands. This was bad. But it was worse than this.

The only text on the shirt said “One for Pelosi. One for Schiff”

Staggering in its hatred and disrespect.

Regardless of one’s partisan affiliation, one of those people is the Speaker of the House (third in succession for the Presidency) and the other is a key committee chairperson.

Both are public officials who have given their lives to serving the U.S.A.

Once I moved past anger at this man, I felt baffled.

What would possess someone to buy and wear this shirt to this particular Walmart – the one with the most racially diverse customers in our area – during this time of great fear, anger, and restlessness?

I’m not going to ponder this man’s state of mind or judge the quality of his soul.

I will pray for him and all who choose to wear hatred on their chests.

To close, as my Thursday did, on quite an “up” note.

Did you see my post about ways to live stream fun and interesting events?

One of them was a Prince Tribute Dance party from The House of Yes.

As I worked for three hours in front of my computer, I listened to the DJ mix Prince (I’m a fan from way back to Purple Rain in 1984) tunes and watched a diversity of people (from who knows where) dance in their homes.

O YES! “Yes, We Can”


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