READING! “My” for Friday, April 24th

Great Friday morning to you!

Here’s the “5 Things You Need to Know Now” list published by The Week. It’s a good, quick, balanced overview of the big stories of the day.

Headline of the day that you’d never thought you’d have to see:

Here’s the link to today’s “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Friday, April 24th You can bookmark this link!

At the top of the National Calendar for the day is an “old-school” day (founded in 1872):

This day has been on the calendar for a long time and has a lot of resources to support it.

And (this is for real) a TV special too – “It’s Arbor Day Charlie Brown”

There’s two (sort of) animal related ones today.

Both of these images will haunt my nightmares.

Finally, during your home schooling of the little ones today, why not:


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