READING! “My” for Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo

Yes, it’s Cinco de Mayo. And no, this is NOT Mexican Independence Day (that’s on September 16th)

Here’s the “5 Things You Need to Know Now” list published by The Week. It’s a good, quick, balanced overview of the big stories of the day.

Here’s the link to today’s “My” to see all of the great stories there:

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Tuesday, May 5th You can bookmark this link!

Today the National Day Calendar, has a few items.

First, it’s:

You’re welcome.

Besides teachers, we celebrate this profession too:

Thinking of astronauts, have you seen this trailer for the new series premiering on Netflix at the end of the month?

Food-wise, it’s National Chipotle Day. It’s about the spice/pepper and not necessarily the restaurant.

And today we remember:

Finally today, during National Mental Health Month, we are encouraged to:

Here’s ways to commemorate this important day:


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