Pandemic Articles, Video and Photos O’ Day 101

1855 – Celia, a 19 year-old enslaved black woman whose white “owner” repeatedly raped her, kills him during an attempted rape and is later convicted and hanged.

June 23rd


[Science] “Yes, Wearing Masks Helps – Here’s Why”

[News] “Pope Francis Says Coronavirus Should Spark New Environmental Awareness”

[List] “While You Should Go Animal-Free: 18 Arguments for Eating Meat Debunked”

[Entertainment] “The Best New Podcasts in 2020 (So Far)”

[Books] “The Great Escape: 50 Brilliant Books to Transport You This Summer”


Before the photos, here’s the video from today, which I learned about in this article.


And on a lighter and more exciting note, eleven days until this premieres on Disney+. I’ve not been able to (afford) to see it in person, SO I AM PSYCHED!


Back to the bad news. There’s this opinion piece – “America is Too Broken to Fight the Coronavirus: No Other Developed Country is Doing So Badly” which links to this page – where you’ll find a range of maps, charts, and graphs with the evidence of exactly how poorly we’re doing (during the summer, mind you when POTUS#45 assured us that this virus “would go away.”)

This headline and graph might look familiar as an earlier version of this same screen shot is parked as an “IMPT” post at the top of this blog. Notice that in the about 5 1/2 weeks since that screen shot (from May 8th) the total number of cases in just the U.S. has nearly doubled!

And nearly 45,000 more Americans have died from COVID-19 since May 8th.

Finally, most experts think both the case numbers and death numbers UNDERCOUNT what is likely the true number of cases.

So how’s your state doing? If it’s one of these 14 states, your numbers are rising – some to their highest daily numbers yet:

For these states, case numbers are holding steady or decreasing:

Finally, here’s the picture of the central and eastern part of the U.S. Red and darker orange indicate higher numbers of cases of COVID-19:

That’s my county with the numbers pulled out. We’re one of the few orange counties in Ohio and the only one with two red counties near-by.

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