READING! “My” for Wednesday, July 1st

Happy July! Into the seventh month, so we’re halfway through this batsh*t crazy 2020!

Here’s the excellent sources that I feature each day – The Week and the Five Things to Know Today

The Conversation

Good News Network site and the Daily “Good News in History”

Creighton U. Daily Reflections

National Catholic Reporter – Copy Desk Daily, July 1, 2020

The Daily 202 Big Idea Podcast is my favorite listen to start my weekday.


And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Wednesday July 1st You can bookmark this link!


Here’s a few of the stories you’ll find at today’s “My”:

[COVER STORY] – “The Monterrey Bay Aquarium Offers Video Meditations”

NOTE: If you love the ocean and the creatures who live in it and/or you live far away from a coastline (both of these describe me,) check out this aid for your meditation/contemplation practice:

The Future Earth [new book] Challenges Us to Break Our Cycle of Doom”

The Plague of Inequality in the Age of Pandemic: This Uprising is About More Than George Floyd”

“24 Podcasts That Every Woman Should Listen To”

“Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean That You Should”

From this final article:

These are difficult times to live in. It isn’t fair that so many Americans have to navigate this crisis without clear leadership, with no end in sight. Knowing that life and death hang in the balance of seemingly mundane choices is a heavy weight to bear. It would be easy to give up. It would feel so good to give up. There is no reward for not giving up.

Don’t give up.


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