READING! “My” for Sunday, July 12th

It’s the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

And here’s another tune from The Sundays:

Here’s the excellent sources that I feature each day – The Week and the Five Things to Know Today

The Conversation – A very important story from this source is: “5 COVID-19 Myths that Politicians Have Repeated Which Just Aren’t True”

+ MYTH – COVID-19 is not much worse than the flu

+ MYTH – Cases are increasing because testing is increasing

+ MYTH – Lock downs were unnecessary

+ MYTH – The epidemiological models are always wrong

+ MYTH – It’s a second wave

Do read the short article to learn how/why each of these frequently made claims is wrong.

Good News Network site and the Daily “Good News in History”

Creighton U. Daily Reflections


And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Sunday July 12th You can bookmark this link!


Here’s what I think are the FIVE most interesting and important stories from today’s “My”

[COVER STORY] “Hundreds of Years of Tree Rings Reveal a Grim Anomaly That Began in The 20th Century”

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic”

The Positive Impact of Gratitude on Mental Health”

“22 Best True Crime Podcasts to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat”

“Science Says This is the Best Time to Brainstorm – And It’s Not When You Think”


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