Pandemic Photo O’ Day 134

Oh Yeah! Less than 100 days to go…

2016 – First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech acknowledging “I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves” sparks backlash.

July 26th


This is my only post for Saturday as I was busy in the morning and for the second week in a row, was unable to post the link (it does stay the same day to day though) for “My” I did go in and cull the less relevant stories/links, so you got (and could still get until about 11 am on Sunday morning) the most interesting stories on the themes which are my focus on this blog.

And I still haven’t gotten to that post I promised the other day with all of the links to information about masks and mask wearing. Hopefully I’ll get to this on Sunday.

For now, the Photo O’ Day is of a “cloth face covering” – something which is mandated in the states shaded blue:


I will return to teaching in about a month and almost certainly some of it will be face to face in the school building. Wearing a mask will be mandatory and since I’ve not heard if my school will provide masks for us, I’m guessing it’s going to be BYOM.

So, I’ve been sampling different styles of masks by wearing them for hours as I work my second/summer job as a winery tasting room.

I’m not going to give you a list of the masks that didn’t fit or felt uncomfortable on my face and ears. There’s a stack of those on a table downstairs.

The mask pictured above is by a company called Baggu. After wearing it for about five hours on Saturday as I worked, I can tell you it’s hands down the best mask that I’ve found.


Here’s what I like about this mask:

+ It’s one wide, durable tie which doesn’t go over your ears. Instead, the loop rests on the top of your head and you pull the ends and tie it on the nape of your neck. This may sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple once you do it once or twice.

+ The cotton is soft and sturdy with pleats (having these in a mask makes it more effective than a flat-front.)

+ There’s a built in clasp to tighten around your nose. This helped keep my glasses from fogging – a problem I’ve had with most other mask types.

+ In between the two layers of cotton is a space to easily slide a filter (it doesn’t come with one though) An excellent NPR story said that the best fabric to use for a filter is this material called spunbound – which I bought and used. It’s thin, but quite easy to breathe through. And, as the story says, it greatly increases the filtering properties of the mask.


I put this mask through quite a test as I worked on Saturday. It was busy so I was rushing, sweating and breathing more heavily then when resting. Throughout, the mask stayed in place fully covering my mouth and nose. My earlobes didn’t hurt (b/c no part of the mask touches the ears.) And, even after wearing it for hours it felt good on my face.

You can tell that this model likes it too. Although you can’t see her mouth, her eyes show that she’s smiling.


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