Pandemic Article and Photos O’ Day 149

1988 – More than 45 years after internment of Japanese Americans began, the U.S. government authorizes reparations payments to the surviving detainees.

August 10th


Over the weeks and now months that I’ve been posting this feature on my blog, there’s been at least a few times when a Pandemic Photo O’ Day connects back to a prior one.

Just yesterday, I posted the now notorious photo of non-social distanced and non-masked students in an Atlanta area high school.

Turns out that there’s a new (and not at all surprising) development in that story:

According to the reports, six students and three “staffers” have tested positive for COVID-19. Surprisingly, the school building isn’t closing and shifting the students to remote learning for even the two week, recommended quarantine period. No, the plan now is just:

“On Monday and Tuesday, the school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the district will consult with the Department of Public Health to assess the environment and determine if there (are) any additional close contacts for confirmed cases who have not already been identified,” Paulding Superintendent Brian Otott wrote in a letter to parents Sunday.

Do keep in mind that Georgia is the state where the governor signed an executive order prohibiting local municipalities from enacting county or city-wide mask mandates.

Here’s what’s currently posted on Georgia’s main state-level website:

NOTE: “strongly encouraged to wear face coverings as practicable”

Compare to the state of Ohio where I live:


So, how are the COVID numbers looking in each of these two states?


One more data point – total population in the U.S. ranked by state – to aid this comparison of the non and anti-mask state-wide mandate in Georgia and the mandated state-wide mask wearing of Ohio?

Looking at this data, does a mask mandate state-wide reduce the spread of COVID-19?

Yes, it does.

In fact, according to this national media article from a couple of days ago: How Ohio has avoided becoming another Covid-19 hot spot (so far)

… experts also credited [Governor] DeWine’s pandemic response and Ohioans’ willingness to adhere to social distancing guidance and wear masks. That has suppressed spread and allowed the state’s health system to handle the Covid-19 caseload…

“He [DeWine] uses data and science for his decisions,” Paton said, “and is pretty transparent on what he is doing and why.”

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