Pandemic Day #283 – The Great Conjunction

During my Christmas Break, I’m going to try to get back to blogging here at the end of each day.

This creative outlet sustained me during the early days of the Pandemic and now that we seem to be in the latter days, I want to revisit connecting on this platform. Plus, I’m just 12 posts short of my 900th – a milestone I’d like to reach!

You likely are aware of the extraordinary celestial event that happened today (besides the fact that it was the winter solstice.) In case you didn’t get the memo, here’s a concise info-graphic for you:


While much has been written about the significance of this event, one particular quote stood out to me:

The conjunction won’t resemble a biblical, blazing star, as some news reports have suggested, but the sight might provide a little dose of awe nonetheless. And the experience of awe, psychology research has shown, can actually prompt feelings of connectedness with other people—something this year could use, conjunction or not.

Jupiter and Saturn Are Just Showing Off (The Atlantic)


This quote struck me because of how I witnessed the conjunction yesterday (Sunday) evening. It was fortunate I did as it was too cloudy to see it this evening after sundown.

As the rapid winter dusk was falling early Sunday evening, I arrived home from an uplifting walk in a park with a close friend.

From my driveway, I looked to the southwestern sky and saw the two planets framed within a cluster of bare tree branches. As I gazed in awe, I noticed my across the street neighbor unloading his car.

A sight this rare and awe-producing needs to be shared, so I went over and greeted him. His name is D. and we’ve had a few short, yet significant conversations. Although I think he’s 30ish, his wisdom and faith is Christ is deep and thus we’ve connected on more than a “some weather we’re having” level.

He’d not heard of the conjunction, so I pointed it out up in the sky and shared about its historic nature. This led to ten or fifteen minutes of conversation about awe, wonder and the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (which he’s been reading along with a biblical commentary I loaned him recently.)

The feeling of connectedness I was feeling with D. led me to propose we walk and talk together some time. He thought this was a good idea, we exchanged cell numbers, I bid him a good evening and headed inside my home to prepare dinner.

Would I have been inspired to invite a closer connection with my neighbor if the conjunction wasn’t visible last night – and I was so awe-filled that I had to share it with someone whom I knew would appreciate its glory?

I don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe I should Google it?


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