Final 2014 Lists

As promised, here’s a few more 2014 lists to ponder before moving boldly ahead into the rest of 2015:

Five Favorite Resources in 2014 – The first three on her list (Google Apps, Social Media, and Google Voice) are familiar.  She lists Padlet and Graphite as #4 and #5.  I’ve never heard about these tools and her descriptions make me want to check them out.

Reviewing My 2014 “Bold” Predictions for EdTech: Everybody and his brother can make a list of predictions, but how often does the prognosticator go back and honestly assess how well he or she did?  Kudos to this blogger for having the guts to do so.

Best and Worst Education News from 2014: A solid list with many links which was reblogged by the Washington Post

10 Most Popular Educational Tools from 2014: Again, many familiar faces on this list.  Yet, EDpuzzle (to add voice and questions to videos) as well as (to create charts and infographics) are two interesting sounding newcomers.

Year in Ideas 2014: An eight minute summary of the biggest ideas showcased via the increasingly ubiquitous TED Talks.

Ten Ways the World Changed in 2014

So, I have a few more (hopefully) thought-provoking “looking back at 2014” items to post.  I’d hoped to have them posted yesterday, but it’s astounding, time is fleeting.

The title of the blog post I’m referencing is a bit too broad as it focuses on mainly on changes in technology.  I think the list he shares is interesting, especially as we consider how these shifts relate specifically to education:

  1. We went from people searching for things to things finding people.
  2. The smartphone became a remote for the real world.
  3. New platforms were born (he has a good info graphic for this)
  4. Virtual reality became more than just a gaming platform
  5. We learned that the next smart devices won’t be phones.
  6. Personalization became universal.
  7. Content became king again.
  8. Urbanization returned to the U.S.
  9. Mindfulness and nutrition were more prevalent than ever.
  10. Gender inequality in tech finally got more attention.

A Catholic Look Back at 2014

As mentioned in our “About” statement, the three of us teach at a Catholic High School.

As such, we thought it would be meaningful to share a few of our favorite “2014 Review” lists from favorite Catholic websites.

Crux, a relatively new blog related to the Boston Globe and headed by the highly-esteemed John L. Allen Jr. (formerly of the Nat’l Catholic Reporter) has their year-end review here.

Aviary Photo_130645217516969288

A look back, albeit with a different theme comes from the always engaging and relevant Busted Halo.

Aviary Photo_130645218091333370

Busted Halo also says good-bye to the show of well known Catholic – Stephen Colbert – selected as the National Catholic Reporter’s “Runner-Up” Person of the Year.  (To see who was the NCR Person of the Year, click here and prepare to not be surprised).

Aviary Photo_130645351554839989


One last set of data from 2014 – Crux’s summary of 10 telling numbers from faith and religion surveys. 



2014 Review in Editorial Cartoons/Animations

As you’re enjoying the last day of the the year (and putting together the items to use in your New Year’s celebration), consider spending a few thoughtful and funny moments with these editorial cartoons and animations from the Washington Post.

Here’s my favorite moment from 2014 as captured by this artist:

Aviary Photo_130645161006552680

What’s your most memorable news-worthy event from 2014?

New Year’s Traditions Around the World

As we’re 13 hours away from 2015 (here in EST anyway), it’s time to plan how we’ll celebrate the stroke of midnight.

Here’s some interesting ideas from around the world. 

So, buy those grapes (at least 12), stack up that furniture, acquire the tin, empty the suitcases, and find that red or yellow underwear!

Edutopia’s Top 10 Articles for 2014

It’s time for another year-end list – this one from Edutopia.  It provides an interesting snapshot into the topics that educators found most pertinent this year.

Edutopia’s Top 10 for 2014

  1. 6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use With Your Students
  2. 7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills
  3. Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding
  4. 30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class
  5. 8 Myths that Undermine Educational Effectiveness
  6. Doing it Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary
  7. 10 Steps for Avoiding Teacher Burnout
  8. 8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom
  9. What I Wish I’d Known as a New Teacher
  10. Classroom Management: The Intervention Two-Step

Best Educational Apps of 2014

For your downloading pleasure over the upcoming breaks….

Aviary Photo_130625425968921279