Lenten Journey Journal: Friday, March 24th

Today is the feast day of a rather new “blessed” and one of my top Catholic heroes – Archbishop Oscar Romero. Picking any of his powerful and prophetic quotes and prayerfully reflecting on it is a valuable meditation for me.

Please download and share these slides – PDF and Google Slides

And today is the last day before our week long (and much anticipated) Spring Break. So, the next post of the Lenten Journey Journal will be for Monday, April 3rd!

Saint O’the Day: Blessed Maria Josefa Karolina Brader (27 Feb)

Last week I had an odd schedule with my students, so I didn’t create and share one of these except for on Wednesday. Things return to “normal” this week, so I plan to share the Saint O’the Day for each weekday.

To begin the week, please download and share this presentation – PDF.

Saint O’the Day: St. Onesimus (15 Feb)

Please download and share this presentation – PDF

NOTE: We do not have school on Friday the 16th nor Monday the 20th, so the next Saint O’the Day will not be until Tuesday the 21st.

Saint O’the Day: St. Valentine (15th Feb)

OK, so while my students were impressed by the achievements of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, they really wanted to learn about St. Valentine too.

So, a day after his Church and cultural celebration, please download and share this presentation – PDF

And the Sisters have updated their 100 Days of Prayer calendar to include the rest of February.


Saints O’the Day: Sts. Cyril and Methodius (14 Feb)

Yes, there are more significant saints remembered on February 14th than the little-known, but much celebrated Saint Valentine

Please download and share this presentation on the brothers who invented the Cyrillic alphabet – PDF