Lenten Journey Journal: Friday, March 24th

Today is the feast day of a rather new “blessed” and one of my top Catholic heroes – Archbishop Oscar Romero. Picking any of his powerful and prophetic quotes and prayerfully reflecting on it is a valuable meditation for me.

Please download and share these slides – PDF and Google Slides

And today is the last day before our week long (and much anticipated) Spring Break. So, the next post of the Lenten Journey Journal will be for Monday, April 3rd!

Lenten Journey Journal: Monday, March 20th.

Since March 19th was on a Sunday this year, the Church celebrates St. Joseph’s Day on Monday, March 20th this year. We’re doubly blessed as the vernal equinox occurs at 6:28am EDT on Monday morning.

To celebrate and pray today with St. Joseph, please download and share these slides: PDF and Google Slides.

And for bonus learning, check out this quality (and brief) video about St. Joseph: