Saint O’the Day: St. Gonsalo Garcia (7 Feb)


Please download and share this presentation – PDF

And Tuesday the 7th begins the USCCB’s National Marriage Week . Here’s a prayer from the USCCB website celebrating marriage:


Saint O’the Day: St. Paulo Miki & Companions (6 Feb)


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The 5th of February was when the USCCB invited us to celebrate the “National Day of Prayer for the African American Family” So, I’ve included the prayer for this special day on the fifth slide in the deck.


Saint O’the Day: St. Thomas Aquinas (30 Jan)


Yes, the actual feast day was on Saturday the 28th. But, I’m celebrating him tomorrow with my students.

So, if you’d like to celebrate too, please download and share this presentation – PDF

Church Calendar O’the Day: The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle (25 Jan)


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It’s a special day on the calendar for the Paulist Fathers, so I share a beautiful prayer appearing on their Paulist Evangelical Ministries site.


Prayer Numbers – Nine Days for Life and One Hundred Days of Prayer


As I wrap up this weekend, I share a few prayer intentions my classes and I will be praying with this coming week.

First, the USCCB offers many wonderful resources to pray over Nine Days for Life (21 Jan to 29 Jan). I put some pro-life prayer intentions in the slide deck for this week’s lectionary gospel. 


Additionally, I found a thoughtful, “must-read” article on the U.S. Catholic blog which offers six numbers which pro-life Catholics should keep an eye on during the presidency of Donald Trump.

And, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange are publishing a calendar of the first 100 Days of President Trump with a prayer intention each day related to life and justice.

The slide above, which combines the prayer intention and the pro-life numbers, can be accessed in Monday’s Saint O’the Day and in each Saint O’the Day posting going forward.