Lenten Journey Journal: Wednesday, April 12th

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As my school is on break for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday, this is the last Lenten Journey Journal of this year. See you again on Easter Tuesday!

Lenten Journey Journal – Tuesday, April 4th

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Saint O’the Day: St. Gonsalo Garcia (7 Feb)

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And Tuesday the 7th begins the USCCB’s National Marriage Week . Here’s a prayer from the USCCB website celebrating marriage:


Saint O’the Day: St. Marianne Cope (23 Jan)

Please download and share this saint who spent much of her life in Syracuse, New York and Hawaii. – PDF

As I mentioned in another post, I’m including a couple of special slides with prayers and reflections related to the USCCB’s Nine Days for Life  , including this reflection posted recently by Fr. James Martin, S.J.


Saint O’the Day: St. Tomasso da Cori (19 January)

I am back from my bereavement trip in time for this post in which I feature this week’s International Prayer for Christian Unity. You can learn more about it at the USCCB website.

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Saint O’the Day: St. Juan Diego (Dec. 9th)

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I particularly like this prayer found at the USCCB website.


I’m using the beginning of my class tomorrow to show Pope Francis’ prayer intention for December 2016:

And I’ll support Pope Francis’ prayer by introducing my students to the statistics and the work down by this organization – War Child

Saint O’the Day: Feast of All Saints of the Franciscan Order (Nov.29th)

Today we remember not one saint, but many! I learned about this special day on the Church calendar from a guest who spoke to my classes today. I was honored to welcome Friar John, who blogs under the name “Friar Truck.” Here’s the two of us as I gave him a thank you gift and then my class and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him.



Every year, on November 29th, Franciscans celebrate the many saints from their community across the nearly 800 years of existence.  November 29, 1223 was when the final Rule of Life was approved for the Franciscan order.

So, please download and share this special presentation –PDF

It’s full of great saints and interesting information: