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After hearing the announcement/ad for numerous times on NPR, I finally got around to checking it out and down loading the iOS app.

I’m not going to say much about it here, because I emphatically encourage you to click the link above and check it out yourself.

As a passionate learner (which hopefully every teacher is), I like the set of five interesting links it gives me every day. An example from the last few days is above. And here’s a few more:


When you click on the image, it takes you here:


Here’s one more pair of examples:



What are you waiting for? Visit and get learning!


10 Sources of Free Interactive Content For Your Classes

A nice list of links to sites with a plethora of resources useful across the curriculum.  And from a cleverly named ed tech site – Ditch that Textbook.  OK, I’ll consider that…

Lists and More Lists of Apps and Tools for Teachers and Students

As promised, here’s the big post with lots and lots of lists.  I know that during this busy time of year, neither you nor I will be able to play around with more than a few of the resources accessed through these links.  Heck, you might not even be able to do more now than just read this introduction!

Please bookmark this post (and this blog in general) and return here again and again to explore a list or two.  If I can discover one or two blockbuster (or even just pretty good) apps or sites (Kahoot is an awesome one that I discovered via a list) every month or so, than I feel like perusing lists a few minutes a week is time well spent!

Note: Image above is from this link: Two Great Periodic Tables on Educational iPad Apps

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50 Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Showcasing Student Work

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Four Top Websites for Teaching and Learning (Tackk; PearDeck; SoundTrap; Appsbar)

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A Collection of the Some of the Essential Web Tools for Teachers

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4 Important Apps for a Paperless Classroom (Showbie, Teacher Toolkit, Socrative Teacher, NearPod)

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5 Great Apps Students Can Use to Display Their Learning

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6 of the Best iPad Apps for Digital Storytelling

7 Great iPad Apps for Digital Whiteboarding

Special thanks to Educational Technology and Mobile Learning as many of these links were from that excellent site.







“The Conversation” Website

I stumbled across a website which I’d like to share.  As mentioned in a previous post, I believe educators should keep on top of what’s being posted about the events and ideas in the world. Obviously, this can take up much valuable time in an already busy educator’s life.  Thus, it’s important to find those quality sites which aggregate solid information.

The Conversation is an excellent site for this.  Their masthead states: “The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news analysis and commentary that’s free to read and republish.”

I receive their email every morning (along with many other less useful news/info updates) and consistently The Conversation has the most interesting, insightful, topical and useful articles.  The diversity of articles that are featured currently include:

A Melting Arctic and Weird Weather: The Plot Thickens

What Historic Megadroughts in the Western US Tell Us About Our Climate Future

How Russia is Building a Psychological Firewall Against the West

Why We Should Get Rid of Tipping (not a favorite article of mine as I work Saturdays in a wine tasting room)

New Year’s Traditions Around the World

As we’re 13 hours away from 2015 (here in EST anyway), it’s time to plan how we’ll celebrate the stroke of midnight.

Here’s some interesting ideas from around the world. 

So, buy those grapes (at least 12), stack up that furniture, acquire the tin, empty the suitcases, and find that red or yellow underwear!

A Gold Mine of Free Educational Technology Resources!

This link takes you to Open Culture – an amazing resource for FREE educational materials of all types!

Aviary Photo_130625418808559177

Free Educational Technology Resources

"Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece" Poster Making Website

ReciteThis is a website that a colleague of mine shared with our department earlier this year.

The site makes creating posters for your classroom incredibly simple. Just type in your text, choose a template, then click create! After that you will be given a variety of options to share your poster.

The one drawback I’ve found was the limited templates, but overall I really enjoy the website for making quick, easy posters.

Do you have another website you use to create posters?

Use Voki to Create Speaking Avatars

A free site I love using to create customized characters is

Some of the customization possibilities include the character, clothing, accessories, and background picture. However, the reason I use Voki is for the ability to give the character a voice! You can add your own voice by recording it over the phone or microphone, typing in your text or uploading a file. If you type in the text you are able to choose the language/accent you want and even pick a specific voice for it too. Once you finish modifying your character, click publish to email it out or get the code to access it anywhere. I signed up for a free account to keep my vokis all in the same place on the website.

Welcome to Our Place for Collaboration!

Welcome to a new place for collaboration. Thanks for visiting.

Rachel, Tera and I hope you’ll join our community of teachers who want to share successes, struggles, questions, web links, videos and more related to educating – especially with technology.

As we are affiliated with a Catholic school, it’s helpful to have a patron saint to guide us in this endeavor. We are blessed to have two!

Our first patron is the Apostle St. James the Greater.  One of “the Sons of Thunder,” he was a bold evangelist for Christ. We hope to use this blog as a place to share ideas about enhancing our educational vocation with technology.

Our second patron, is the proposed patron of the internet – St. Isidore of Seville. He used the technology of his time period  (the 6th century) to compile a compendium of the knowledge of the world. We have an amazing educational resource in the internet and a great means of access through iPads.  The conversation here will be about how we can best use these tools for educating our students.

So, what thoughts and hopes do you have for this place of collaboration?

Any other ideas about possible patron saints?