Ed Tech Emergent Turns Two Years Old!

I finally have a moment to celebrate – this blog turned two years old a couple of days ago. Yeah! Hooray! Alleluia!

It’s hard to believe how quickly these years have flown by. And it’s fun to mark the changes over the past couple of years by looking back at some of the posts from a year or more ago:

We were eagerly awaiting the premier of “The Force Awakens” .

Pope Francis visited the U.S.

Stephen Colbert, one of America’s most visible Catholics, began his show.

The Jubilee Year of Mercy commenced 

Wealth inequality was a problem (and it still is)

Refugees were fleeing and dying (and they still are)

And we thought Donald Trump was just someone we could easily parody. 


Friday FunLink – Hilarious “Darth Trump” Star Wars Parody

Unlike last Friday, my midterms are finally at the copy machine, so I have a moment to share a truly astounding Friday FunLink video.

As I’ve posted previously, I’m a big Star Wars fan. I’m counting down the days until a week from today when finally, finally, finally I can see Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.”

Until then, I need to settle for this extremely well-done video which combines something I really like with someone I really don’t. So, thanks to Slate, take a 7 minute break to refresh your memory about Star Wars IV, V, and VI and also about some of the always interesting things The Donald has said. Be sure to watch while in a place where you can laugh out loud!


And be sure to watch until the end (or just forward to there) as the Trumpization of the final scene of Return of the Jedi is priceless – and it showcases the last sequential image we saw in the Star Wars universe.

Back to School With Vintage “Calvin and Hobbes”

Today was Back to School Day for my son and daughter.  After an anxious and restless night for all of us, it was the earliest morning we’ve seen around here for a couple of months.  Once the kids were launched (and I went back to sleep as it’s still summer where I teach), I checked my email and smiled upon discovering a link to a collection of vintage “Calvin and Hobbes” comics with a back to school theme.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Calvin and Hobbes-2


Calvin and Hobbes - 3


I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately about 1980’s comics as Berkeley Breathed is publishing brand new “Bloom County” strips on his facebook page.  There’s speculation that Donald Trump’s presidential bid spurred Breathed’s return.  Note the circa mid-1980’s Bloom County and Bloom County 2015:

Bloom County - 2

Bloom County - 1

And don’t get me started with my nostalgia around the Vacation reboot and my sadness at it’s poor reviews (Rotten Tomatoes – 25%) Ouch!