Lectionary Gospel – Second Sunday of Easter – April 3, 2016

I hadn’t really planned to take a break from posting during my Easter Break, but this is what ended up happening. And I didn’t intend for this weekly post to be a few days later than usual. Again, it is what it is…

Happy Easter and please enjoy this week’s lectionary gospel celebrating this holy season!


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Disclaimer – Since I don’t seek to profit from these files, I don’t cite the source for each of the images found through a Google Search

Easter Octave .GIFs

It’s another season in the Church and Busted Halo must be celebrating.  To follow their annual “Fast, Pray, Give” Lenten Calendar, this engaging and always relevant website sponsored by the Paulist Fathers is now offering a .GIF a day for the Octave of Easter.  Just as with their Advent Calendar, the post for the day doesn’t unlock until the day itself arrives.

Here’s the three posted thus far:

Easter Sunday:


 Easter Monday:


Easter Tuesday: