Lenten Journey Journal: Thursday, March 23rd

Please download and share these slides: PDF and Google Slides

Christmas Celebration Journal – Thursday, January 5, 2017

Please feel free to download and share today’s Christmas Celebration Journal:


Google Slides

Christmas Celebration Journal: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In a way similar to the journals I created for my students to use during Advent, I’ll be creating and posting Christmas Celebration Journals for my students to use in class during the remaining days of the Christmas season.

After our class opening prayer, I dim the lights, put on quiet music and walk my students through a brief, prayerful, centering activity. I continue to play the music and invite them to reflect on these journal pages (what they write is for them only) and/or to gaze at the art in prayerful contemplation.

I’ll offer the journals here in two forms – a PDF to “download and go” and as a Google Slides (in case you want to modify it)

And I’ll try to use both traditional and contemporary art:



Advent Journey Journal: Third Tuesday of Advent

Please download and share this journal page which I’m inviting my Sophomores to use during our Advent prayer time. Rather than write, they may also ponder and gaze at the relevant art on the slides.


Google Slides

And, as this is my last Advent Journal before we have our midterms and Christmas Break, enjoy this extra art:


May you and yours have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas!

Daily Lenten Journey Journal for Youth and Adults

Starting tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, my students will be writing in a Lenten Journal each day at the beginning of class. I’m planning on keeping this journal myself as I believe it will be a valuable Lenten practice for me.

Download the PDF

Download the PPT

Aviary Photo_130687019468892430

Some notes about the journal:

+ The upper left corner has live links to a number of daily Lenten reflections.

+ The daily theme and Big Questions are adapted from the short video series offered by a monastery of religious brothers in New England.

+ The other daily questions are based on the Ignatian Examen.

+ ITL24Hrs = In the Last 24 Hours

+ ITN24Hrs = In the Next 24 Hours

And don’t forget the always thought-provoking and challenging Lenten Calendar from Busted Halo.

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