Easter Celebration! Journal: Thursday, April 20th

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Easter Celebration! Journal: Wednesday, April 19th (500th Post!!!)

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And thanks for following this blog as I reach the 500th post on it!!!

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Easter Celebration! Journal: Tuesday, April 17th

I hope you (and your students?) enjoyed the many Lenten Journey Journals I posted here.

We’re in a new season, so it’s time for another set of journal pages focused on the joy and celebration of Easter. Each set of slides will contain some familiar items (especially the Saint O’the Day), but with new twists and surprises.

Here’s the first one – for Easter Tuesday!

Please download and share these slides: PDF & Google Slides.

Lectionary Gospel: Easter Sunday (April 16, 2017)

Happy Easter to you and yours! I’m back to school after a nice Easter holiday, so continue to look to this blog for new content almost every day.

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Since I don’t seek to profit from these files, I don’t take the time to cite the source for each of the images found through a Google Search.

Lenten Journey Journal: Wednesday, April 12th

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As my school is on break for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday, this is the last Lenten Journey Journal of this year. See you again on Easter Tuesday!