Pandemic Videos and Photos O’ Day 112

1910 – African-American boxer Jack Johnson defeats “Great White Hope Jim Jeffries in what is called the fight of the century; Johnson is later persecuted by government officials.

July 4th


Friday was unique for me because I got my sorry butt out of bed so that my wife, our dog and I could take and “early holiday weekend” walk in a beautiful state park.

Here they are, my two walking partners on Friday morning:


As enjoyable as the walk was on a bright, beautiful summer day, I was eager to get home to finally, finally, FINALLY get to see the stage performance of “Hamilton”

Maybe you also have Disney+ (or maybe you just subscribed to it on Friday) and you saw this on your screen today too:

In the midst of this ongoing Pandemic Period, I am deeply grateful that Disney released this film on this particular Independence Day weekend.

I’m too tired at the end of a full day (remember that I got up early on Friday) to comment too much about why I think this film/musical right now is what our nation needs.

I’d rather share what a powerful, personal experience it was for me to see this truly ground-breaking musical – after not being able to buy or win tickets when it came to Columbus a year or so ago.

What was amazing and also odd for me is that I’ve listened to the soundtrack (in various forms) many times – even to the point of knowing many of the words to most of the songs. As this musical is nearly 100% sung, this means that I knew the story well.

And yet I was surprised by how moving it was to see the performers singing, the background dancers and the innovative, if simple staging. I confess that I was brought to tears when I finally saw the performers sing this tender song about the power of love, healing and reconciliation:


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