We are living in tectonic times. The world in which I’ve lived for 52 years now is experiencing upheavals unlike anything I’ve witnessed in the past five decades. 

In this blog I reflect on these changes through the lens of my life-long catholic faith. 

I identify as a small “c” catholic for my faith is founded on the word “catholic” – which simply means “universal.” 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary site adds to this definition of catholic – especially : broad in sympathies, tastes, or interests

The three parts of the name of this blog hold these meanings, which are its new focus –  from January 1, 2022 forward. 

EDIFYINGinstructive or informative in a way that improves the mind or character (Merriam-Webster

TECTONIC – In a geologic sense this is the energy which builds as the plates of the earth’s crust slide. As you likely learned in high school Earth Science, every so often the pressure builds and an earthquake happens. 

We are seeing earthquakes across our U.S. nation – extreme weather events, a dramatic narrowing of how citizens can vote, more than three quarters of a million dead from COVID, violence in the U.S Capitol building and in school shootings (34 in 2021.) 

Organized religion, especially Christianity, is facing tectonic pressures which have already formally split mainline denominations and are increasingly driving Catholics into tribal camps closely aligned with the red and blue political divide. 

And yet there are EMERGENT ideas, movements, and attitudes which are rising. Although many of these are overshadowed by the earthquakes shaking the old institutions, the new is indeed being born out of the dying of the old. 

Regarding faith, politics and culture I hope to edify by shining light on what is emergent. 

Thank you for joining me in this exploration. 

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