New Year. New Look. New Focus

It’s the first weekend of the year and a good time for me to shift this blog.

The last time I did this was back in the fateful March 2020 as COVID began its rampage. My focus from then until now has been on The Common Good and how it was (or wasn’t) being upheld.


As I look ahead at this new year I anticipate two shifts happening – one personal and the other political.

I am studying with the Celebrant Foundation & Institute to receive certification as a Lifecycle Celebrant. Once I complete my final course in April, I plan to launch a side business as a skilled professional who writes funeral and memorial services for those who choose to hire me to help them remember departed loved ones.

While I’ll certainly create a website specifically for this business, I will also share this blog with prospective clients for them to get to know me and how I perceive the world.

So, don’t be surprised if you find me reflecting more here on stories, story-telling, ritual, faith, and the BIG Questions and Mysteries of life.


In a few days our nation will remember the one year anniversary of the horrifying day when violent insurgents occupied our Capitol Building.

Eleven months from now we’ll have the mid-term elections – the first major election since November 2020.

We witness on a daily basis headlines which point to the tectonic shifting in our nation. As I wrote in my newly revised “About” page (find it by clicking the three bars in the upper right corner of this page):

We are seeing earthquakes in our U.S. nation – extreme weather events, a dramatic narrowing of how citizens can vote, more than three quarters of a million dead from COVID, violence in the U.S Capitol building and in school shootings (34 in 2021.) 

Organized religion, especially Christianity, is facing tectonic pressures which have already formally split mainline denominations and are increasingly driving Catholics into tribal camps closely aligned with the red and blue political divide

I plan to focus more pointedly on the two main existential images facing our nation and planet – the global climate emergency and the assault on democracy.

I’ll say much more later about why I believe these are the most urgent crises at which people of faith and goodwill must direct greater attention and energy. For now, know that these needs are capturing my attention and I plan to share what I see and learn.

I hope your first day and first weekend of the new year have been good for you. Thank you for reading and walking with me on the path ahead of us in 2022.


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