Church Calendar O’the Day: The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle (25 Jan)


Please download and share this presentation – PDF

It’s a special day on the calendar for the Paulist Fathers, so I share a beautiful prayer appearing on their Paulist Evangelical Ministries site.


Saint O’the Day: St. Tomasso da Cori (19 January)


I am back from my bereavement trip in time for this post in which I feature this week’s International Prayer for Christian Unity. You can learn more about it at the USCCB website.

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Church Calendar O’the Day: The Baptism of Jesus (Jan. 9th)


We end the Christmas Season today with The Baptism of Jesus. Please download and share this PDF.

Rather than create a Christmas Celebration Journal for today, I’ve included lyrics to two Christmas carols on the last slides of this presentation. Today is the last time liturgically we’ll sing these songs until December 24th!

The USCCB has designated January 8th to 24th “National Migration Week” To honor the start of it, I’m praying the special prayer for it, reproduced on this slide:


Church Calendar O’the Day: The Epiphany of Our Lord (Jan. 6th)


Yes, I know that the Church this year liturgically celebrates Epiphany this coming Sunday. I’m sharing this feast with my students on Friday the 6th for a couple of reasons. First, there is not a major saint with a memorial on the 6th. And, Monday the 9th is the liturgical celebration of the Baptism of Jesus.

Please feel free to download and share this presentation – PDF

Christmas Celebration Journal: Tuesday, January 3, 2017


In a way similar to the journals I created for my students to use during Advent, I’ll be creating and posting Christmas Celebration Journals for my students to use in class during the remaining days of the Christmas season.

After our class opening prayer, I dim the lights, put on quiet music and walk my students through a brief, prayerful, centering activity. I continue to play the music and invite them to reflect on these journal pages (what they write is for them only) and/or to gaze at the art in prayerful contemplation.

I’ll offer the journals here in two forms – a PDF to “download and go” and as a Google Slides (in case you want to modify it)

And I’ll try to use both traditional and contemporary art:



Saint O’the Day: St. Lucy (Dec. 13th)


Please download and share this presentation – PDF

And on this feast day, a special shout out to the awesome St. Lucy’s Parish in Syracuse, New York!

Today is the last day before our midterm exams and then Christmas Break. So this will be my final Saint O’the Day post until we return on January 3, 2017!