Lenten Journey Journal: Wednesday, March 22nd – U.N. World Water Day

Please download and share these slides: PDF and Google Slides

4.3_Wednesday_March 22_Lenten Journal 2017-2

And to celebrate U.N. World Water Day, you may want to watch/show this video:


Lenten Journey Journal: Monday, March 20th.

Since March 19th was on a Sunday this year, the Church celebrates St. Joseph’s Day on Monday, March 20th this year. We’re doubly blessed as the vernal equinox occurs at 6:28am EDT on Monday morning.

To celebrate and pray today with St. Joseph, please download and share these slides: PDF and Google Slides.

And for bonus learning, check out this quality (and brief) video about St. Joseph:


Lenten Journey Journal: Friday, March 17th

I’m sorry for not posting on Thursday the 16th, but I was out of school for the day.

For St. Patrick’s Day, please download and share these slides – PDF or Google Slides

And the Sisters of St. Joseph have their 100 Days of Prayer calendar posted for the remainder of March:


Lenten Journey Journal – Friday, March 3rd

Happy First Friday of Lent! Since I create these journals for my students, I’ll be taking a break from them over the weekend. I will post the Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent – the riveting Temptation of Jesus in the Desert, likely on Saturday afternoon.

For today though, please download and share this journal – PDF and Google Slides