Friday FunLink: The Problems With Each State’s Flag

The state flag of Mississippi was in the news again this week when the leadership of Ole Miss voted to remove it from the campus. The flag of the Magnolia State features the highly-divisive Confederate battle flag in the upper left quadrant. The President of the U. Southern Mississippi system released this email explaining the decision:

“I have chosen to raise American flags on all University of Southern Mississippi flagpoles to remind the University Community of what unites us. We have all chosen to work, study and live in a country in which debates like those around the state flag of Mississippi can take place and ideas can be civilly expressed and advanced. While I love the state of Mississippi, there is passionate disagreement about the current state flag on our campuses and in our communities. I am looking forward to a time when this debate is resolved and USM raises a state flag that unites us.”

Obviously Mississippi has big problems with their flag and may well change it in the near future. What about the other 49 state flags – might they have issues also? Alexandra Petri, of the Washington Post’s ComPost offers a funny examination of each state’s flag and how it is “wrong.” Here’s a few of my favorite observations:








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