For Teens By Teens: Acrostic Pandemic “Poems”

Quick question – What’s an acrostic poem?

Give up?

It’s a poem in which the first letter of each line combines with other letters to spell something out. It’s very likely that you made one in elementary school when creating a card for Mother’s Day, e.g M is for magnificent, which how she is — O is for orange, her favorite color –– M is for meatloaf which she loves to make.

During our weeks of Remote Learning (which ended on May 22nd) I gave a “check in” assignment about which my students wrote for each of the (two) days a week that I gave them school work.

For one of the last assignments, I asked them to write an acrostic – either as a poem or a list of one word for each letter of the alphabet – to describe what was going on for them.

Below are some of the best, funniest, most insightful, and thoughtful ones I received.

And the photos between the “poems” are also from students capturing a moment from their own Pandemic Period days.

Panic plaguing the world is the order of the day.

Awful as it may seem, there is still hope,

Nurses and healthcare workers giving their all,

Determined to bring this deadly and dangerous beast to a halt.

Emotions are raw, but we must encourage each other, “this too shall pass”

Misery must not consume us, instead let us meditate on God’s mercy

Information and inoculation are keys to stamping out Covid-19 

Communities coming together, caring for one another, can make a difference.


Making conscientious efforts like washing our hands, wearing our masks, can save lives

Unusual, unlike anything the world has seen, are descriptors of the novel virus,

Safety is our top priority and social responsibility. 

Testing! Testing! Testing! an important first step in this fight,


Sheltering in place and social distancing can help save lives

Traumatic as this disease maybe, treatment when followed, can yield good results.

Optimistic we must remain,

Positive mindset can help us prevail.


Inimitable laughs


Many smart quips

Idiotic phrases

Suppressed giggles 

Someone to confide


Moments of weakness

You are my #1’s


Far from perfect, but with your 

Radiant personalities

Illogical jokes

Effervescent smiles and

Naturally welcoming auras

Don’t you know that you are what everyone needs in their lives, and I am

So glad you are my best friends. 

A is for Abate, because i want the virus to abate.

B is for Badger, because how else do you get your siblings to leave you alone.

C is for Catharsis and Caustic, because I hide emotions i shouldn’t through sarcasm leading to explosions of anger and sadness.

D is for Doldrums, because I can’t do anything but sit at home and run out of ways to keep busy.

E is for Elated, because i can’t wait to see people again.

F is for Fixation, because i  am obsessed with music right now.

G is for Graffiti, because it is a form of art that we can’t appreciate anymore.

H is for Hindsight, because we will understand this crisis later.

I is for illegible, because it’s the state of my handwriting right now because i just had 10 cups of coffee.

J is for Jeopardy, because it is a TV show to watch with the family.

K is for Kaput, because it is a fun word to say.

L is for Lag, because Minecraft tends to lag when i have to many tabs open, for some whack reason.

M is for Memorable, because there are awesome moments with my family we have had recently that i want to remember.

N is for Nathan, because my older brother is affected by this, yet stays strong.

O is for Oliver, because I can always count on my little brother to make me laugh. 

P is for Palindrome, because it isn’t a palindrome.

Q is for Quarantine, because no one really knows the definition, despite everything.

R is for Relax, because we all need to.

S is for Support,. because others need help too.

T is for Temperamental, because who isn’t. U is for Unsteady, because it is the best song by X-Ambassadors.

V is for Vulnerability, because we all need to be more vulnerable to get through this.

W is for Wack, My favorite word right now.

X is for Xenoglossy, because that is the coolest thing ever.

Y is for Yearbooks, because we might not get them?

Z is for Zoom, the worst way to have a class.

I is for “I am too social of a person to have not seen any of my friends for this long”.


H is for “Homeschool is not for me”.

A is for “Apparently I like to use working out as a way to make myself feel active”.

V is for “how eVery part of me wants to move on from this virus”.

E is for “I get Extremely bored when I am not allowed to hang out with friends”.


L is for “this quarantine makes me Love the people I can’t see even more”.
E is for “I am Entirely done with being stuck at home”.

A is for “Amazon is my new best friend”.

R is for “Reading isn’t as boring as I thought”.

N is for “having Nothing to do is almost worse than being extremely overwhelmed with things”.

E is for “Everything I took for granted I don’t anymore”.

D is for “I want to be Done with social distancing”.


A is for “how Annoyed I am”.

L is for “Lunch has sadly become the best part of my day”.

O is for “OH I want this to be over!”

T is for “how Thankful I am for school now that I’ve had to do it at home”.


A is for “how Absolutely ready I am to open our country back up fully”.

B is for “Being lazy”.

O is for “how I wish it was Optional to stay at home”.

U is for “how I hope we Unite together during this time”.

T is for “how I hope one day we will truly be able to Trust our government”.


M is for “My social skills are shrinking”.

Y is for “YOLO and I hope I only have to live through this once”.

S is for “Social distancing is awful”.

E is for “Everyone needs to have their heads held high during this time”.

L is for “all the Leftovers I’ve been eating for dinner”.

F is for “Friends. And I hope to see them all soon”.

Questions are still needing answers
Until then, we are stuck inside
A new normal is what we are living in
Ready to go back is what I am
Anything new is interesting
Nothing is new anymore though
Thankfully we are starting to reopen
In a few more months, things may look normal
New experiences are presenting themselves
Everything seems so repetitive.

In a few months, we will be back at school
Sophomore year will probably look different

But I hope we will be back in the building
Of course, there will be restrictions
Restrictions will keep us safe
It will help us return to normal
Nothing is normal right now
Good thing we can still talk to each other

A-    Is for Any way I can I want to see my friends
B-    Is for Bagels are really good
C-    Is for Calls are starting to get sad
D-    Is for Dogs that keep me sane 
E-    Is for Emma is starting to dive me crazy
F-    Is for Five hours or more hours of work a day that makes me insane
G-    Is for Great laughs with my neighbor and family
H-    Is for Heck no I am not ready for red days
I-    Is for I can’t wait for summer
J-    Is for Just knowing that summer is so close is making me happy.
K-    Is for Kendall my neighbor has made quarantine very easy and fun
L-    Is for Lake day is in six days
M-    Is for Monday next week is the first day of summer 
N-    Is for Next week is exciting 
O-    Is for Of course I am excited for our summer
P-    Is for our P- family vacation is going to be so fun!
Q-    Is for Questioning why people are going crazy 
R-    Is for Right now there is a tornado watch
S-    Is for Suffering though this
T-    I for This cheer camp has been canceled due to corona
U-    Is for Understanding what others are going though
V-    Is for Vacuuming has become a daily activity
W-    Is for Wow can this week go any slower
X-    Is for Xylophone’s that Emma and I had were found in the back of the basement
Y-    Is for Yes I have been hanging out with Kendall and we are six feet apart
Z-    Is for Zootopia is a pretty good movie 


On every media platform

Ruining Lives across the world 

Over the world it spreads 

No medical staff can rest their heads

And now all nations have to be in isolation 

Very important not to spread your germs

Isolation is key -it may be long term

Right not we are all saddened 

U sing this time to stay with loved ones

Stay home, be kind, stay safe

Victims – we are 

Stressed We stay

United, we have to be

Stay strong, stay up, stay blessed.


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